Bonser - totally unworkable

The decision about Leeds United and their deducted points battle has been put back to May 19th. In an unthinkable turn of events this days after the League One play-off games are scheduled to be COMPLETED!

Walsall's chairman Jeff Bonser branded the prospect 'totally unworkable' when interviewed by Peter Ferguson of the Daily Mail. He went on to say 'Have they thought about this? Clubs have memorabilia, special shirts and all kinds of expenses for Wembley. You cannot make a decision like this after the season ends. What about a club that has taken an automatic promotion place (Doncaster or Carlisle) and will already be recruiting on Championship wages, far higher than this league, only to be told they're not up?'

Bonser then went to indicate clubs will also be contacting their lawyers about this situation. I imagine this is what Walsall are doing with us being 4 points and one place behind Leeds United. This could then start a whole new course of court proceedings, where do they end? The sooner the Leeds United decision is announced the better because it will become even more embarrassing for the FA with further action expected.